Is wearing a face mask essential in this new Coronavirus condition? Or, does it protect you from the new coronavirus? Well, there are so many questions that arise in people’s minds. Through this article, we are here to help you in answering all your questions and clear your doubts. Today in this article, we are going to discuss whether wearing a surgical face mask protects you from the new coronavirus or not. Read our article further to get more details on that matter.

According to Dr William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist, a regular surgical face mask cannot protect you from the new coronavirus. But a more specialized mask known as N-95 respirator can protect you from the new coronavirus, which is also known as SARS- CoV-2. The N-95 respirator is thicker than the surgical mask; that’s why it is more useful for you. But neither Dr William Schaffner nor the centres for disease prevention and control advise it for public use.

N-95 respirator cOVID-19 MASK

That’s because it’s challenging to wear the mask for an extended period. Because wearing the mask totally depends on your face fit. Specialists receive training on how to properly wear these respirators around the nose, cheeks, and chin and ensuring that wearers don’t breathe around the edges of the respirator. If you use these masks, you will know that breathing through a very thick mask is harder. You work on breathing in and out. The process is a bit claustrophobic because it ultimately gets moist and hot.

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Surgical Masks

Surgical Masks

Surgical masks are basically for the surgeons because these masks do a good job and keep pathogens from the doctor’s nose and mouth from entering the surgical field. In Asian countries like Japan and China, it is not common to wear surgical masks in public to protect against pathogens and pollution. Those masks don’t help too much in protecting from the virus as these masks are not designed to keep out viral particles. Moreover, they are not tightly fitted around your nose and cheeks like the respirator N-95.

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You might have noticed, in public places, many people wear masks if they are suffering from cold or cough. But as per expert’s opinion, if you are ill, it’s time to stay at your home for some rest. People sick with COVID-19 also wear a mask to reduce the risk of infection around the people they are. The people who take care of those people also wear face masks to protect themselves from the disease. People wearing those masks should dispose of the masks after every use.

Covid-19 Precautions

The best way to protect you from coronavirus is to postpone the plans for travelling. Another effective way is to wash your hands with soap and avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth without washing hands. Use sanitizer as much as you can. Avoid close contact with the people who are sick or infected.

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So, that’s all with this post. We recommend you wear N-95 respirators but for a short period. Use precautions as much as you can and avoid contacting too many persons.

That’s all for now and thanks for reading this post. We hope you enjoyed reading this article. For the latest updates related to health care, do follow us and stay tuned with us at The Medco Mask.