As you know, coronavirus is like the black cloud over the world. It is spreading day by day and everyone is scared and uses face masks to protect themselves from this new coronavirus. So, today in this article, we will discuss everything about face masks, how they are put on, and the ways they are worn incorrectly and dangerously. So, read our article further to get more details on that matter.

There are many types of face masks available in stores and online, the masks of every grade, material and variety are available. Some masks are made from medical grade paper; some are decorative paper masks in a rainbow design, some washable fabrics mask and some reusable dust and allergy masks. But do these masks protect us from the novel coronavirus? Well, we think no. Most of these masks provide absolutely no protection against novel coronavirus or other viruses.

Then Which Masks Can Offer Best Protection Against COVID-19?

Which Masks Can Offer Protection Against COVID-19?

The one and only surgical face masks and N95 respirators offer protection COVID-19. These masks filter viruses from the air with up to 95% efficiency. If the infections are smaller than the filter spaces, it may be trapped in the masks layers and by ionically binding to the filter material. Many of the face masks are also counterfeits in the market.

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It has been noticed that many face masks for sale, especially online are inflated or outright false, and some masks cannot offer protection against terrifying diseases like coronavirus. As a result, many people stop buying these masks or wear a good mask incorrectly. The misuse of these face masks helps in spreading coronavirus rather than preventing it.

Common Covid-19 Face Mask Use Mistakes

Common Covid-19 Face Mask Use Mistakes

If you use face masks regularly, then look at some common issues regarding face masks use.

  • Even the best masks won’t protect you from novel coronavirus if worn incorrectly. So always remember that the mask is worn upside down, only over the nose and mouth. It does not pull under the chin or leave the nose exposed.
    Pull the face mask under the chin only if necessary, like for eating or conversation. Put the mask back up again after completing the task.
  • Don’t use reuse or recycling masks as it is hazardous and causes serious health issues.
  • Wearing the same mask for too long is not a good idea because the outer layer of the masks is the ultimate barrier. And the length of time that a face mask could be worn totally depends on several people around the user.
  • Always use a counterfeit face mask. As many face masks look similar but made up of cheap materials and do not provide protection against disease.
  • Now come to N-95 respirators if worn correctly, these respirators get very hot inside, and it is like breathing through the blanket. Do not wear these masks for extended periods. Wearers may take it off for a break which would reduce its protection. Children and infants are avoiding wearing these masks because the risk of suffocation is higher.

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Face Masks To Avoid

Let us now talk about other masks that people have been wearing during these hard times to avoid COVID-19.

  • An inferior mask made of paper, fabric, plastic or dust or allergy mask is chosen, but it does not protect you into a high-risk area.
  • A Pitta mask with N-95 insert does not help you in these hard times because it is made up of porous sponge material with no filter around the mask.
  • Homemade masks and face shields made from fruits, raincoats, women’s underwear, cardboard, boxes, plastic bottles, and other household items cannot offer any protection against the coronavirus.

Well, in my opinion, if you don’t have an appropriate face mask better is to maintain distance from others. Socially isolate yourself and practice good hand hygiene helps you in protecting from COVID-19.

According to the World Health Organization, do not wear medical masks or the other masks if not necessary because your safety is in your hands. Follow the habits such as thorough hand wash and not touching your eyes, nose or mouth gives you better protection against new coronavirus.

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How to Choose a Good Face Mask To Protect Yourself From Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19)?

How to Choose a Good Face Mask To Protect Yourself From Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19)?

After all the above warnings if you still want to wear or buy face then what type you should choose? You can select the proper surgical mask or the N-95 respirator, which helps in reducing the spread of respiratory illness. These are the quality masks that offer trusted protection and verified by international regulatory bodies and will have respective certification codes on packaging.

The antivirus surgical face mask helps in protecting against new coronavirus as hospitals and medical practitioners use these face masks. The outer layer of the masks is hydrophilic that’s why it absorbs sneeze and cough droplets and the other particles present in the air. They also work to inactive other respiratory and other common bacterial pathogens.

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The Right Way to Wear a Surgical Face Mask

how to wear surgical masks

The first and the foremost step is to examine the mask, if it is damaged, throw it away. If the mask looks okay, wear it around your ears, expand the mask over the nose and chin and snug it perfectly. Always remember not to touch the surface of the mask while wearing or putting it off. Surgical masks are for single-use and can never be recycled or re-used. Remove the masks by touching only the ear pulls not from the filter or the other parts of the mask. Wrap the mask in the newspaper and dispose of properly and wash your hands.

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So, that’s everything you should know about using Face Masks to protect yourself from coronavirus and how to choose, wear and dispose of masks properly. Always wash your hands with soap and water, or sanitizer thoroughly and often and try to maintain distance from the infected persons.

Thanks for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and all of you follow all safety measures to protect yourself from new coronavirus. Don’t forget to share our article. For more updates do follow us and stay tuned with us at the MedcoMask.